Shopping Tips & Tricks

Want some tips and tricks on how to make your Junkin’ Fair experience the best it can be? Read through some of our tips and tricks below. Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

  • Bring cash and card. Most vendors will take both, but the green stuff is always preferred.  And in true junkin’ form, cash just might give you a little leverage on making a “deal” you can’t leave behind!

  • Wear comfy shoes. With over 80 vendors to see, there’s A LOT of walking to do and those dogs will thank you for it when you get home!

  • The barns are a mix of dirt and concrete. Strollers, wheelchairs, and carts/wagons will handle it just fine!. Just be mindful of maneuvering them around and watch out for toes and little ones!

  • Make plans to haul back all your awesome finds by driving a truck or SUV! Some vendors will have larger items and we’d hate for you to miss out because you can’t get it home! Don’t have a large vehicle? Ask a vendor if they’ll deliver!

  • Those little items will add up and carrying them all can be difficult! We encourage you to bring a wagon or cart to help you haul your junk!

  • Make a list of what your’e looking for and bring it with you! There’s no telling what you’ll find and ya never know… it could be EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

  • Bring a tape measure and know you’re measurements before you leave home! There’s nothing worse than finding something awesome and not knowing if it will fit. Plus, there’s no returns and we’d hate for you to buy something you can’t use.

  • We love our furry friends but ask that you leave them at home. If you have a service animal, those are, of course, always allowed! Please be sure it is wearing a “working vest” for easy identification and do not allow them to use the potty inside the barns. Also, any treasures left in the grass need to be properly disposed of.

  • Come hungry! There will be local food trucks and sweet treat vendors ready to serve you! Plus, this helps to get the hubbies there too!

  • We are a rain or shine event! The barns are covered so the only need for an umbrella (if that nasty 4-letter word happens) is to get you to and from your vehicle. Unless you’re made of sugar, you don’t even have to bring one!

  • Have a great time, shop til you drop, and find a JUNK treasure are all highly recommended!